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Win two free tickets to White Wedding

I have two blank invitations to a rather fabulous wedding.  You don’t need to buy the bride a present, make a speech – just dance badly and feel free to try it on with any unattached bridesmaid.  Even Aunty Brenda! White Wedding will be at the 229 Club on Portland Street Saturday 13th November from [...]

Bring White Wedding

You are cordially invited to a White Wedding on the 13th November 2011, please come dressed appropriately as a guest of the happy bride and groom or come as the happy bride or groom.

Has someone told you about hats and wigs?

I met a rather nice chap at the Londonists‘s recent gallery exhibition for Slow Exposure in London; his name is Mario. Being a fellow Mediterraneanite, we had a lot to talk about, but then the conversation swam to photographs and thats when it became very interesting. Mario runs a website called Someone Once Told Me, [...]

Santacon UK 2008

Are you going? Normally I don’t tell people when something odd and amazing is happing, but this is all about Santa. Yes, Santa. People think he is a large smiley fat man in a red suit – what they don’t realise is that there are loads of Santas all across the world. One man made [...]

Bring Black & White Masked Ball

It’s Bring Stuff’s first anniversary and to celebrate we are having a party at Ruby Blue’s in Leicester Square. The theme is Black & White Masked Ball, so if you have a dinner jacket, posh black frock and a homemade mask then this is the perfect opportunity to wear it.