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Pirate Sea Shanties and Parody Songs

Pirate Sea Shanties and Parody Songs

Pirates love ter sing a song o’joy, love and laughter.  Mostly the songs they sing are about Rum. Bring Stuff wants yer ter download this here Song sheet so yer can sing Pirate shanties at every opportunity.  Not many shanties are included, mostly it be Pirate Parody songs courtesy of teh internets and the boggling [...]

Qype: Lucky Voice in London

London – Nightlife – Karaoke And to think I nearly braved going home to get some hats and tashes – private booth karaoke becomes extremely special when you have a ‘thirsty’ button with a useful waitress who appears in the blink of an eye and a box of dress-up paraphernalia. Now I likes me some [...]