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Pirate Sea Shanties and Parody Songs

Pirate Sea Shanties and Parody Songs

Pirates love ter sing a song o’joy, love and laughter.  Mostly the songs they sing are about Rum. Bring Stuff wants yer ter download this here Song sheet so yer can sing Pirate shanties at every opportunity.  Not many shanties are included, mostly it be Pirate Parody songs courtesy of teh internets and the boggling [...]

Hug a Pirate Voucher

Hug a Pirate Voucher

Yargghh. Pirates be needin’ lovin too yer know. Ter help facilitate this bea-yutiful togetherness, this here be a Hug a Pirate Voucher! Click on the picture below to download a tasty PDF fer printin’. Pirates can be givin’ it out ter lovely serving wenches or rugged sailors they be seein’ around the fair ports around [...]

Ten ways to tell you’re becoming a pirate

10. Agree that the Somalians have totally got it wrong – since when do you need more then a rusty sword and a cannon to hijack boats? 09. Your wardrobe contains lot’s of stripy clothes but no berets, strings of onions or French flags. 08. Downloading files from the Internet only seems like fun, when [...]

Bring Pirates 2009

Everyone loves Pirates – except ninjas. In honour of International Talk Like a Pirate day we are hosting a Pirate day. Come dressed as a Pirate and bring other pirates for Rum fueled fun…

Bring Pirates 2007

We invite you to an evening scouring the high seas (the Thames) looking for Booty as Pirates! In honour of International Talk Like a Pirate day on Wednesday 19th September, we are hosting an International Dress Like a Pirate day.