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Bring Santacon 2009

Woohoo! Our favourite un-organised Santa Claus Convention is happening very soon. This makes us happy, especially when we think of all the mince pies, mulled wine and sprouts that are part of the course.

Saturday 12th September, Central London.

Bring Pirates 2009

Everyone loves Pirates – except ninjas. In honour of International Talk Like a Pirate day we are hosting a Pirate day. Come dressed as a Pirate and bring other pirates for Rum fueled fun…

Bring Hats and Wigs 2009

Team Nice and Bring Stuff invite you to a very special fancy dress party for London; a hats and wigs party. With very special guests KaraUke too!

Raffle prizes and draw from the Eighties party

Announcing the Raffle draw date and list of prizes – come join us even if just for a drink or two in Central London…

Bring Back to the Eighties

It’s time for another joint party with the Celebrity Murder Party and the Harlots – we’re going Back To The Eighties: A Return to the Big Screen Party Scene. Come as a character from an 80′s movie, there’s lots of old favourites…