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Bring London Underground

Tube Stations! Come as a bad pun of the name – Turn em’ Green? Kings Crustacean etc..

Date set – details to follow. But if you’re really keen, join us on Facebook and when we create the date and set the bar we’ll be in, you’ll get an invite automatically. Click on the title for more information…

Bring White Wedding

You are cordially invited to a White Wedding on the 13th November 2011, please come dressed appropriately as a guest of the happy bride and groom or come as the happy bride or groom.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day – Bring Pirates 2010

For the fourth year running, come and join us as hairy, sexy or home-made pirates on the Tattershall Castle! It be International Talk Like a Pirate day and we want you to dress like one…

Bring Facial Furniture

Tashes, lashes and facepaint gashes – come with some facial furniture (nothing porn oh pul-eese) and if it suits you’re welcome to come in full costumey attire. Hats or glasses? Facepaints or facial-fuzz? Lashes or Tashes? Wigs or… stickers? Be prepared to share your fruity headwear or eyeliner pencil with everyone else, the best part [...]

Bring National Fancy Dress Day

It’s National Fancy Dress day, no better excuse then to dress like a wally! On Saturday 3rd April 2010, we’re heading to Club De Fromage for some full on Fancy Dress Cheesy fun!