Site News

Ho Ho Ho, Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas and all that guff! Yet another colour scheme change, this time with a Christmassy feel, so lot’s of Greens, Reds and Golds (just like the crackers). As the weeks progress, I expect that there will be more and more snowflakes and little christmas presents appearing across the site, so keep those little peepers [...]

Halloween website design

Wooo, spooky! To celebrate the coming All Hallows Eve, we’ve undergone a little change to reflect our love of Pumpkins and very mysterious goblets of red liquid. You see, it’s not just people who love Fancy Dress, so do websites. We’re all pump’dkined up and ready for the coming party season.  If you’ve heard of [...]

Website Feeds

I like Feeds, not the farmyard type.  But the webby types. Turns out though, I can’t tell if people read my feeds rather then check out the website… until I heard all about Feedburner. So now, when you want a feed of my site, you’ll be passed through Feedburner who can keep track of how [...]

New website granted existance through WordPress

Welcome to the new Bring Stuff website.  The old website will be preserved in a vat of liquid plastic, solidified and preserved for future generations to look at and laugh. As soon as I work out where it will live, I shall post the link here.

Most Interesting, ever!

There are many cool things you can do with Flickr, and here is something that I quite like.