About us

Hello, we organise meet-ups and social events with a Fancy Dress theme, just for fun and not for profit.

Do you like doing something a little different? Do you like fancy dress parties, random events and meeting new people in London? Come to a Bring Stuff party! Each party is based around you ‘bringing’ something to the event such as a Fancy Dress, root vegetables or even a hat.

The ‘stuff’ you bring makes it easy to identify each other and might even encourage conversation – like ‘What the hell is that you’re wearing?’. What can be funnier then picking a venue, picking a theme and then partying hard?

We try to keep it free, but the venue may charge entrance. Kinda like a birthday party with awesomeness to the max.  Twice a year we join forces with the Celebrity Murder Party and the Harlot’s to raise a bit of cash for a small childrens charity called Camp Cando. It’s for the kids, y’know?

We want to meet people who like dressing up, making costumes, dance badly and have fun. We plan to do something every couple of months, with a different theme each time.

We pick a random venue

We pick a random theme

We might prepare some games

You turn up and party with us!

One of us is called Giacomo and the other is called Katy.  More of us are called Jemima Puddleduck, Kitty Brackenwood and Lizalicious.  We all like to laugh.  Come laugh with us on Facebook.

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