Pirate Sea Shanties and Parody Songs

Pirates love ter sing a song o’joy, love and laughter.  Mostly the songs they sing are about Rum.

Bring Stuff wants yer ter download this here Song sheet so yer can sing Pirate shanties at every opportunity.  Not many shanties are included, mostly it be Pirate Parody songs courtesy of teh internets and the boggling mind of Giacomo – but hey!  We be Piratical with Piratittude so when has plundering been a problem?

Just as a little sampler, try this ‘ere beauty ter the tune of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

I knows you’re ugly
And prob’ly diseased.
I want yer money,
’cause it’s fer me!
I want yer Gold!
Gold, Gold, Gold, I want yer Gold!

Now that yer got the taste of Grog in yer mouth, download the Pirate Song sheet here.

A selection of tunes are below ter help you sing the songs:

Popularity: 16% [?]

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This is Giacomo. He likes to party hard and doesn't relax too much. When not making costumes, often he can be found test-driving them on a dance floor. A little preoccupied with mustaches, often his build favours hot glue guns and duct tape.

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