Hug a Pirate Voucher


Pirates be needin’ lovin too yer know.

Ter help facilitate this bea-yutiful togetherness, this here be a Hug a Pirate Voucher!

Click on the picture below to download a tasty PDF fer printin’.

Hug A Pirate Voucher

Pirates can be givin’ it out ter lovely serving wenches or rugged sailors they be seein’ around the fair ports around the seven seas.

Good townsfolk who likes a bit a o’danger can use ‘em ter get their pirate jollies.  Be warned though, we be not takin’ responsibility for consequences such as massive consumption of Rum.

Download this here voucher by clicking here and enjoy it.

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This is Giacomo. He likes to party hard and doesn't relax too much. When not making costumes, often he can be found test-driving them on a dance floor. A little preoccupied with mustaches, often his build favours hot glue guns and duct tape.

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