International Talk Like a Pirate Day – Bring Pirates 2010

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It’s Pirate time!

For the fourth year running, Bring Stuff would like you to come and join us on the Tattershall Castle to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day – by turning up dressed as a pirate.

The incredible smart boffins at the Laboritoire Garnier have just completed their seven year mission to finally confirm that dressing as a Pirate actually makes it easier to talk like a Pirate.  True Story.

There is an event page on Facebook here:

Download yer Hug a Pirate Voucher here!

Download yer Pirate Sea Shanty Song Sheet here

Come and join us on the Saturday 18th September 2010 on the Tattershall Castle to dress, speak and yarrrrgghhhhh as loudly as possible to each other and dance to cheesy tunes on the onboard nightclub.

There’s talk of several other events happening during the day, more details on charity walks and pre-party pub crawls on the south bank will be added later…

We’ll be on the aft-deck from 7.30pm onwards, it won’t cost you a shiny tooth to come on board the massive floating bar. They serve food and if you turn up that early you’ll see me try to speak as I jam a large cow-burger into my gaping maw.

As usual, if I’ve not lost my sea legs I’ll organise another Pirate Jig-off and stupid prizes for categories of Pirates outfits.  We don’t do best pirate (Captain Blood gets my vote), but unusual is right down my river inlet.

We’ll head downstairs to the nightclub at 11.00pm (it’ll cost you a fiver to get in) to party it up as only a Pirate can until the early hours of dawn.

Please don’t come as a Ninja, we still haven’t found any sign of Dave McReady who turned up last year wearing a pair of silken pjamas.  I mean honestly, who’d come to a Pirate party dressed as the arch nemesis of Pirates?  More importantly, we ALL know who’d win in a fight between Pirates and Ninjas, right?
Bring Stuff :
Bring Pirates 2010
Saturday, September 18, 2010
7:30pm - 18+
Tattershall Castle (map)
Embankment, SW1A 2HR

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