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And to think I nearly braved going home to get some hats and tashes – private booth karaoke becomes extremely special when you have a ‘thirsty’ button with a useful waitress who appears in the blink of an eye and a box of dress-up paraphernalia.

Now I likes me some Karaoke, it’s true. In the past I was used to seedy PA systems at restaurants, caterwauling on street corners and even whispered lullabies to sleeping babes (none of mine own). Nothing prepares you for a private session though, in luxurious surroundings, with a fully stocked and prepared cocktail bar with delightful canapés and such friendly and charming hosts.

My visit to the Islington branch of Lucky Voice was courtesy of Qype and Windows 7 Mobile and possibly I wouldn’t have ventured so far north to check out this venue. After spending a roaring night of rapping, singing and laughing I have so many good memories that I really would consider dragging my pals to do it, not because the central London venue is booked. Even when I wandered away from the bar to munch on more Hoisin Duck pancakes (folded elegantly like a seaside chip wrapper cone) to find my Mohito delivered to a charming young lady, nothing bothered the bar staff. He was already making a replacement for me, rather then leave it to melt on the bar edge – a sign of good training and thoughtfulness.

Being of Mediterranean blood, I tend to generate enough heat to power a small island and I would have preferred more air-conditioning in the booths – not to say it’s rubbish – but as I danced more and got even hotter, I felt the need to take the occasional mulligan in the sumptuous bar area to cool down at times. Aside from that, top times all round!

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