Ten ways to tell you’re becoming a pirate

10. Agree that the Somalians have totally got it wrong – since when do you need more then a rusty sword and a cannon to hijack boats?

09. Your wardrobe contains lot’s of stripy clothes but no berets, strings of onions or French flags.

08. Downloading files from the Internet only seems like fun, when you’re drinking Rum.

07. You start to hate Ninjas for no other reason then they fight in pyjamas.

06. You’ve had Facebook in Pirate language since last year and still find it humorous that ‘Friends’ is ‘shipmates’.

05. Slapping your thigh is more acceptable then clapping to show appreciation.

04. Holidays to sunny climes are often planned around pillaging.. erm visiting Rum distilleries.

03. In casual conversation you can mention at least two famous female pirates.

02. An area of your bathroom is affectionally known as the Poop Deck.

01. Your parrot speaks better English then you does, arrr.

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