Win Bring Back to the Eighties tickets

Those lovely people at Londonist have done it again and are GIVING AWAY two pairs of free tickets our huge eighties movie party on the 4th April.

These ticketed events are a fundraiser for a small London charity called Camp Cando, helping kids have a lovely summer experience.  As we’ve helped the Harlots and Camp Cando raise a bucket load of cash with the CMP over the last few years, this will be the last charity event we do with them.  Don’t worry, we’re planning something equally good next.

I don’t know where the recent wave of love and support has come from for this party – I can only conclude that people really do love the eighties and movies in equal amounts – especially to show this much love.

Drinking at the bar also helps raise money for Camp Cando, so don’t worry about not paying for these competition freebies. If you want to win these free tickets, head on over to the Londonist and try to answer their reasonably simple questions here:

If you need some help answering the questions, you could *cough* have a look on the event page wall as I’m sure someone will post some clues…

…if you ask nicely!

Popularity: 7% [?]

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