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Dreams and Nightmares raffle ticket prizes

Thank you for buying a raffle ticket – you know who you are. The winning raffle tickets were drawn at The Red Lion in Crown Passage, Mayfair, in full view of independent witnesses and no trickery, at 8 p.m. on Thursday 13th November 2008. …and the winners are: De Luxe Christmas Hamper various donators Kate [...]

Bring your Raffle tickets

Remember those Raffle tickets that were being sold at our last party? We’ve chosen a date for the main draw and it’s going to be in a nice old London pub. Can you come?

Dreams and Nightmares raffle prizes

Would you like to win something? If you came to the most awesome Fancy Dress party of Halloween last Saturday – Bring Dreams and Nightmares – you may have seen raffle tickets being sold. We’re still selling tickets! And the prizes rock so hard, your butt may explode with excitement! We initally had Jonathan Ross [...]