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Website Feeds

I like Feeds, not the farmyard type.  But the webby types. Turns out though, I can’t tell if people read my feeds rather then check out the website… until I heard all about Feedburner. So now, when you want a feed of my site, you’ll be passed through Feedburner who can keep track of how [...]

Bring Dreams and Nightmares: CMP X

Everyone loves Charity – especially those who receive. To begin a wave of good works, we have joined forces with the Celebrity Murder Party (CMP) and the Harlots to do a ticketed event raising cash for Camp Cando…

Bring Pirates 2008

After the success of last years Pirate party on a Thames floating boat-pub thing, celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day – we did it again!

New website granted existance through WordPress

Welcome to the new Bring Stuff website.  The old website will be preserved in a vat of liquid plastic, solidified and preserved for future generations to look at and laugh. As soon as I work out where it will live, I shall post the link here.