Bring Pirates 2007

We invite you to an evening scouring the high seas (the Thames) looking for Booty as Pirates!  In honour of International Talk Like a Pirate day on Wednesday 19th September, we are hosting an International Dress Like a Pirate day.

International Talk Like a Pirate day:

If you need some perspective on what a Pirate is:

Remember, dressing as a Pirate also helps combat Global Warming:

How to Talk Like a Pirate:

Piratey Jokes:

Costumes should be pirate based, with good pirates, hairy pirates or better yet sexeh pirates. The Tattershall Castle is a floating pub with five bars, nightclub and yer basic pirate food; fish and chips. The perfect place for Pirating London! With indoor and outdoor refreshments whether it’s a choppy garn or a milkpond, they sell Rum so who cares.

If there’s any interest we might do a small Thames floating pub crawl during the afternoon, ending up at the Tattershall for 7.00pm. First choice on the Tattershall is the Poop Deck if sunny or the Hold if rainy.

With dubloons to be found, advanced Pirating classes (including pronounciation and Pirating history) and sea shanties to be sung, it’s going to be great grand!

Bring Stuff :
Bring Pirates 2007
Saturday, September 22, 2007
7:00pm - 18+
Tattershall Castle (map)
Embankment, SW1A 2HR
Other Info
Closest tube is Embankment, exit onto the Thames and head right under the Hungerford Bridge. The Tattershall Castle is the SECOND floating pub after the bridge.

And if you like to know some History:

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This is Giacomo. He likes to party hard and doesn't relax too much. When not making costumes, often he can be found test-driving them on a dance floor. A little preoccupied with mustaches, often his build favours hot glue guns and duct tape.

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